Cat Spotlight: Meet Harvey!

Harvey is our beautiful ragdoll who lives at Cat Cafe Manchester! He’s a huge cuddly cat that loves a good sleep and loves a good feed even more. He enjoys being groomed by humans as well as his brothers and sisters in the cafe. Harvey is a truly lovely cat and you’ll find a lot of ragdoll traits when you meet him!

Ragdolls are known for their relaxed nature and floppy physique. They got their breed name from how they act when handled – like a rag doll! They flop into their owners arms, even when they grow up and get rather large with males ranging up to 20 pounds in weight and females going up to 15 pounds. Ragdolls are known for getting on well with humans, children and even dogs! This is due to their good and loving nature. They’ve been known to like going for walks on a leash, as well as playing a lot – sometimes even games like fetch, more associated to domestic dogs.

Harvey can’t wait to meet new people and loves life in the cafe – when will you be coming for ragdoll cuddles with him?

Photo of Harvey taken by Mark Luke Bate, Instagram: @kidjax_

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  1. Sue Grimshaw says:

    He loves his belly rubs too and I’m sure I can fuss him to my hearts content when I come to see him tonight

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